Students must bring a signed permission slip to their 7th period teacher on or before August 21. At 2:05 those students with permission slips will be provided a pair of ISO approved viewing glasses and be sent to the stadium to view the eclipse. Students without permission slips will be escorted to the cafeteria to remain for the rest of the school day.

Students that do not have a 7th period class on campus may return to school by 2pm and report to the CLC with their signed permission slip.

If you are checking out your student(s), please provide them with a note to turn in at the attendance desk in the morning. All check-out will have to take place during class changes due to the expected volume of check-outs. There will be no student check-outs after 1pm on August 21. Please plan accordingly.

Permission slip in Spanish

Permision slip in Korean

Permission slip in Vietnamese